Benefits for business travelers

As our client, you will benefit from a dedicated travel specialist, as well as from our global travel capabilities. Whatever is the destination of your business trip, Aerotravel makes sure that each detail is taken into consideration so that you have a productive and agreeable voyage.

Personalized business relationship

For us, the corporate client is not a simple “contact” or email address. Our client is an individual, with his or her own needs, preferences and opinions. As we want to know you better and to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our travel services, we encourage a personalized business relationship, focused on client's expectations.

Creative and cost-effective solutions

For Aerotravel consultants, there is no "mission: impossible". Whatever may be the corporate client’s request, our specialists design effective solutions to meet and exceed expectations.


Aerotravel consultants offer different travel alternatives, so that the client can choose the best. As we know that sometimes clients have to change their initial travel schedule, we answer requests in a timely manner, whether it is about canceling, changing or creating a new booking.

Effective support in any situation

When designing a travel solution, our consultants make sure that each detail is planned, anticipated and minutely implemented. Sometimes, however, unpredictable events impeding the initial travel plan may occur. Our consultants identify and propose alternative solutions, which abide by the same quality standards and meet client’s expectations.