Benefits for the Financial Director

We know that money talks: when and how much. We are one of the few partners who really care about your money.

Cost optimization and travel policy

We are aware of the key-role that you play in the organization and we fully support your effort to maintain effective costs. Aerotravel can negotiate tariffs with third-party providers and thus answer client's need to devise the best travel budget.

Risk-free collaboration with a trustworthy partner

Aerotravel is a private travel management company founded in 1997, which has grown on a firm business ground and became a trendsetter in the travel industry. During its +23-year of activity, Aerotravel has built his own national office network, has constantly invested in development, and has grown the total sales volume every year.

Special payment terms

We know how important the payment terms can be for a company operating in Romania. Consequently, depending on the annual travel volume and the financial record of the client, Aerotravel can negotiate flexible payment terms.

Operational and financial transparency

As our client, you can always know the real costs of a business trip, a business meeting, a sales conference or an incentive. Moreover, thanks to regular reporting, each client can better monitor and control the travel budget.

Financing solutions

Thanks to partnerships with global financial institutions, Aerotravel can submit financing solutions for complex travel projects or for significant travel volumes.