It’s Holiday, save a life! Donate now for #InimaCopiilor!

19 December, 2019

DaLove pentru Inima Copiilor

We do not know why some children have to suffer. But we know how to help them!

For over 10 years, Aerotravel’s heart has been beating with the #InimaCopiilor! We support the Association’s projects, which save children with heart disease or other very serious problems. About them is this message I write to you together with Alex Popa, President of the Children’s Heart Association.

Hundreds of children received a new chance to life thanks to us, to those who donated a sum of money when needed. Hundreds of other children are waiting for a chance to live. And their life hangs on what you are doing now.

Is it ok to give 20% of the company’s profit, but wasn’t it an amount already taken out of the account? It is commendable to complete the form no. 230 as an employee, but do you know that the money will reach the sick child only at the end of April? Maybe…

Join Aerotravel and do more: Donate money now and save a life!

For the holidays, Aerotravel gives up the usual gifts for those already given with invaluable health. We are now turning this budget into a gift for children who need life, more than we need some smart promotionals.

We invite you to do the same: Donate now to #InimaCopiilor!

How to donate?

A. If you represent a company as an administrator, donate a sum that makes a real difference for one or more children.

Sponsorships shall be deducted from the tax due if they are within 20% of the income/income tax. Besides, you can also benefit from tax facilities if a donation exceeds this limit. Find all the details HERE.

B. If you are an employee, forward this message to your administrator or General Manager and other colleagues.

Then, like Aerotravel employees who support the Association Inima Copiilor, donate and convince your colleagues to donate:

1. An SMS with the text LOVE sent to 8844 means a monthly 2€-donation. Details here.

2. Online by card, fast and secure. Donate here.

3. By bank transfer, in one of the accounts of the children’s heart Association. Donate here.

Thank you for your kindness!

Antonio Nitu, General Director Aerotravel

Alexandru Popa, President of the Association Inima Copiilor

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