Travel insurance

Thanks to our partnerships with the best European and American insurers, you are 100% safe on the road with Aerotravel.

Careful means efficient

Each time an employee goes on a business trip outside Romania it is prudent to purchase a travel insurance that covers any unforeseen events that may occur during the travel.

Aerotravel's consultants offer this optional service whenever you ask for a hotel booking or flight. Thus, you save the time for searching a reliable insurer or making an extensive price analysis.

Customized and convenient

Aerotravel provides travel insurance configured according to destination and events that have to be covered by the policy. Aerotravel consultants offer you this service every time you plan a trip, thus freeing you from any extra effort.

100% safe with top insurance

Aerotravel works with solid European and global insurance companies, which can guarantee safe and convenient travel to any destination.

Comprehensive coverage policy

Insurance policies that purchased at Aerotravel may cover the entire range of unplanned events which could occur during travelling. That is why our clients enjoy each trip.