Unlike a thank you email, a gift or a bonus, MICE projects have a long-lasting and powerful impact on your stakeholders, whether it be employees, business partners or leaders.

Through a successful event, you will establish a direct link with employees and business partners, and you’ll be associated with a positive and inspiring experience. This will translate into tangible benefits – motivation, loyalty, strengthening business relationships, increasing productivity and improving the working environment.Aerotravel Travel Leaders Romania is the best choice when considering organizing a MICE project.

Proven expertise

We have developed a dynamic and dedicated team with +22 year-experience in MICE projects. We are receptive to the latest concepts and trends, which we always develop into efficient and safe MICE solutions.

Global Coverage

Since 2019, Aerotravel has been a Member of the global Travel Leaders Network, with + 561 business travel agencies in more than 91 countries. Thanks to this partnership and connection to international suppliers, we can deliver MICE projects anywhere in the world.

Cost optimization

We know how important the budget planning is for your company, and that is why we help you keep costs in the margins originally estimated. That way, we identify the best solutions that meet your financial expectations.

Quality services and providers

All the internal and external suppliers of Aerotravel comply with quality standards proven during a long-lasting partnership. We choose only the suppliers who have the ability and willingness to respect Aerotravel values, to ensure that customers are always highly satisfied.

Customized solutions & flexibility

We listen and respond to the business needs of each corporate customer, for which we create unique solutions capable of efficiently integrating all travel services. We adapt to roadmap changes and reassign resources to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Prompt and efficient service

We can and do answer promptly with feasible proposals, even when the deadlines for carrying out MICE projects are very tight. We always support the business plans of our customers by finding solutions under circumstances which most would consider unlikely.