Aerotravel travel professionals make sure you are always globally mobile and benefit from cost-efficient rates.

Quick and effective

Aerotravel consultants provide rent-a-car offers adapted to passenger’s needs and destination profile. All contractual clauses of the rent-a-car company are presented to the corporate client, so that costs be predictable and business trip a success.

Globally mobile and 100% safe

Aerotravel partners with the most important rent-a-car providers, and therefore can deliver safe and verified service around the world. We recommend safe and well-maintained cars that will eventually cost clients less.

Special facilities and services

Depending on client profile and service volume, Aerotravel can enable access to various reward programs that include special facilities and services.

Insurance consultancy

Aerotravel proposes the fittest insurance package for a specific client profile, rent period, as well as destination conditions, which may differ from one region to another.