Aerotravel consultants make more than a reservation. They guarantee optimal fares at the time of booking, design advantageous tripartite contracts, ensure financial transparency and deliver analytical reports.

Simplifying the complexities

Even booking a flight for a leisure trip can be complex and time consuming, because there is a manifold of offers, tariff plans and air companies. When it comes to plan and book flights for the entire organization, while coping with a limited budget under tight deadlines, even the most experienced internal travel manager can find out that he or she faces a "mission: impossible".

Aerotravel handles the entire ticketing process for your company and makes sure all travelers enjoy a comfortable, safe and successful business trip.

Valuable tripartite contracts

Tripartite contracts between Aerotravel, corporate client and providers of travel services such as airlines offer a great range of benefits. With it, clients enjoy improved contractual clauses and lower tariffs, customized on their travel profile.

Transparency and control

Aerotravel informs clients on cost structure and provides detailed reports on a regular basis. In turn, this supports organizations to optimize costs and adjust travel policy.

Access to reward programs

Most of the time, keeping track of all loyalty programs with their multiple options is a time-consuming task. Aerotravel facilitates access to all reward programs and indicates the most profitable memberships adapted to particular travelling profiles.