Travel Management

Don’t worry! We are business travel experts!

Whether it’s booking a hotel or organizing a sales conference with over 3000 participants, we are just as calculated, efficient, innovative and eager to offer you a complete experience that meets your expectations.

Travel Management

Planning a business trip is much more complex than it seems at first sight: a large number of clauses for each reservation, continually changing rates, short deadlines, inflexible budgets, a great variety of accommodation facilities and a real need for travel assistance. Aerotravel consultants assume the entire travel process and transform customers’ journey into an outstanding experience.

Integrated Travel Solutions

Our travel professionals make more than a reservation. They deliver business travel solutions that take into account key data such as travel objective, passenger profile and customer’s travel policy. Aerotravel solutions include proactive consultancy and 24/7 assistance.

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated Account Manager makes sure that requests are timely answered and comply with client travel policy. Thus, each business journey of each corporate client is carefully planned and efficiently communicated.

365/24/7 assistance

We take care of customers 365/24/7, thanks to our emergency number service. A dedicated consultant solves urgent requests such as flight cancellation, schedule change or alternative travel variants. After ending the journey, we provide customers with detailed reports which help them optimize costs.

Customized tech solutions

Aerotravel recommends partially or fully automated travel solutions consistent with organizational culture, trip frequency, destinations and passengers’ profile. With it, each client will have a tight control on travel policy and spending.

Negotiated special rates

Depending on client’s travel volume (flights and accommodation), Aerotravel can negotiate special rates for certain travel services delivered by specific internal and external providers.